Soflex History

In 1976, Taiwan did not have any foundation for the manufacturing of European-style sofas. After years of scouting, researching, and imitating at a grass-roots level, we successfully created our own European style sofas.

Through these years, we created a diverse product range, enhanced our stake in the market, and simultaneously built our standing in our own domestic market of Taiwan.

In 1980, we started preparing for the export market. Therefore, we also hoped to have a brand that could resonate and compete in the international market.

Our company name was inspired by the characteristics of our sofas by combining “Soft” and “Flexible (SOFLEX).

Our brand has also achieved international certification and has been said by our Italian counterparts to be one of the most suitable brands for sofas.

When we created the SOFLEX brand, we knew that as a brand we did not want to copy other designers’ styles.

Therefore, we hired the British design company, Designline, to be responsible for our styling designs.

With our new designs, we participated in the Tokyo International Furniture Fair for the first time. At the fair we won the Japanese market over resulting in orders equaling fifteen 40’ containers.

In 1994, we hired Swedish designer Mr. Dan Ihreborn to be our design director for the expanding markets. Since then, we have also acquired customers in the US, UK, Nordic, Singapore and Mainland China markets.