Warranty & Service


We strive to provide our clientele with exclusive service and design

SOFLEX's sofa are carefully designed and produced with the interest of comfort as the top priority.

At SOFLEX we follow a small but tight manufacturing model to be able to provide the most complete service satisfying every order.

SOFLEX strives to make each piece of furniture a tool to showcase the soul of any space through our vibrant colors.


Industry leader with an absolute warranty

SOFLEX is a leading sofa design company with our service and warranty.

SOFLEX will always do our best to provide you with top-level service and complete protection.


Customer Customization

In the SOFLEX showroom, you will find the most authentic Swedish home design furniture.

SOFLEX offers the most personal and customizable options.

When picking your sofa, we at SOFLEX want you to finish with a sofa design that is unique only to your specifications. We succeed in this by reducing as many conditions and restrictions as possible.


Lifetime cushion refill guarantee

SOFLEX is a Taiwan based company with all production being done in Taiwan.

SOFLEX provides a life-long cushion refillable service. (Fiber & Latex strip)


As you can plainly see, we are devoted to you as a customer and will provide the best assistance and service to you, our customer.