Sofa Frame Structure/Design

In 1980, SOFLEX began to use a product liability tracking system, better known as Sofa ID

Starting from the leather suppliers, tailors, sewing staff, foam molding personnel and suiters, we track each piece to completion. This Sofa ID system allows us to properly control each piece of furniture as it moves through the manufacturing system with the goal of “zero” defects on the final product.

The structure of the sofa’s inner frame is as important as the foundation of any house.

All of our sofa frames start with only the highest density Brazilian pine purchased from a responsible plantation.


The pine is slowly smoked and dried until its moisture content is below 12°. This is to prevent wood mite infestations and to protect the frame from becoming moldy or distorted in the future.


We make sure every joint in the frame is solid to prevent any movement.


We use a specific mesh cloth to preserve and protect the quality craftsmanship of the frame.

Fabric Elasticity

We use a variety of soft and hard latex materials combined with foam, silk, and cotton to achieve the best comfort.

The SOFLEX Cushion

Upon completing an SGS structure test, we compress the test piece to half its size. This compression is repeated 80,000 times. Our test results showed a thickness of 129.6mm before the compression test and a thickness measure of 126.6mm after.

This 3mm difference can reassure consumers that our Cushions can stand the test of time with little to no sag.


Sofa Base

Our sofa base is completed using our own patented design.