Leather Control

Material Management – Nature’s Art

The cattle


cowhide has a fine texture and is softer in fiber structure. This results in a higher price in purchasing of the raw hide and an even higher price of the finished leather.


hide tends to be rougher with a fiber structure that is hard and brittle resulting in a cheaper price.

The pastures

An emphasis is placed on Leather Quality

The pastures where the cattle are raised have measures put in place to prevent and protect the end quality of the hide from each cattle. Such as: prevention of scratches, prevention of hide diseases and/or mosquito bites, regular disinfection of the environment to ensure sanitation, etc.

These measures are to ensure each piece of leather is finished at Full Grain and Pure Aniline quality; the only leather material suitable for our standard of furniture.

An emphasis is placed on Meat Quality

Ranchers focus on the movement of the cattle as they move around the pasture and barn to ensure the quality of meat.

With this, the raw hide would then be of lesser quality due to the free movement raising the chances of scarring, resulting in a hide only suitable for corrected grain leather; acceptable for low-end sofa products.

From rawhide to finished leather

SOFLEX inspects the leather process from beginning to end. We make sure that the used cowhide has undergone rigorous testing, that the leather was stored at the right temperature and humidity through its drying phase.

Furthermore, all leather pieces must have a non-toxic test report accompanying them.