An exquisite finish:
The spirit of the designer

Adhesive bonding of pre-filled foam

All foam on the sofa is meticulously adhered before any upholstery.

Foam-bonding can seem simple, but to accurately place and adhere the foam takes experience.

For once the final leather encases the foam, any defects will show through.


The leather is first sewn together into one piece and then draped over the entire sofa.

Once in place, we carefully tuck and staple the leather to the frame.


One piece of natural leather can have a variety of harder and softer patches across.

Through our tapping process we are able to control the direction of the leather and also create an evenly distributed sofa cover.

Tacking Seams

A good sofa is tacked from the front armrest to the back part of the seat in one straight consecutive line.

At no time should it waver, the seams where two leather pieces meet should be in line with tacking creating one elegant line.

The perfect seam

As with any article of clothing, the seam is what makes or breaks the shape.

An incorrect shoulder line will result in an asymmetrical look. The clothes will look ill-fitting and the person can look deformed.

The same is true for any sofa. Not only does a perfectly lined seam look neat but it is what lures the eyes to see the final shape and form of the couch.

It is the perfect seam that finalizes the spirit of the craftmanship.