Our sandwiching method:

As the name suggests, our method involves sandwiching four layers together. The first layer is Rayon Fiber by a soft foam material for comfort.

The bottom half of the sandwich is made up of a natural latex from a source in Belgium that we combine with a harder foam. This combination ensures elasticity of the cushion along with a strong support from the base.

Cushion Diagram:

Our purpose for using latex:

(1) Latex allows the cushions to be soft and flex when seated on, yet at the exact same time latex provides a rigid base for the seat cushion to prevent too much give from constant use.

(2) Latex is an environmentally friendly option due to its ability to decompose with little environmental impact.

What is high density foam?

Density = Mass/Volume Many furniture stores will advertise "high-density foam" products with little explanation as to what it actually means. In order to avoid being misinformed or misrepresented, when you buy from SOFLEX, we will gladly explain to you what it is that you are buying.

What's latex and how is it formed?

Latex is a complex mixture of organic compounds found in the sap of rubber trees.

Some of these organic compounds include: proteins, starch, vegetable oil, resin, gum, etc. Upon extraction of the sap from the tree, the sap is collected and soaps such as Potassium Oleate and Sulfer are added to vulcanize the latex.

This process is what gives the latex its high strength, elasticity, and resilience. You’ll also find that latex has a high wear and corrosion resistance among other excellent properties. When the mixture has been properly vulcanized it’s an easy process of placing it in a mold and letting it solidify.

Natural latex

Natural latex is a milky white substance that comes from tapping into rubber trees. Latex in its sap form is usually dilute with a solid content comprising of 30% to 40% pure rubber solids.

Natural latex is mainly used in the manufacturing of sponge products and molded products. One common use of the sponge use of latex is in bedding. Bedding made of natural latex can be costly, but the comfort, support, and resilience that latex foam offers is excellent; and as it is natural, it is harmless to the human body!

Advantages of natural latex


Natural latex is porous with an open-cell structure, a property received from proper mixing during the vulcanizing process. This allows for excess heat and moisture keeping the foam free from mold and mildew.

Tropical climate

Taiwan being a tropical climate with high rates of heat and humidity allows for the festering of skin conditions such as: rashes, sores, and even chronic conditions like eczema.


The air pockets in the porous structure don’t only allow for the foam to breathe, but also give an amazing amount of elasticity.


The porous material allows for bolstering key points where pressure is placed. The foam naturally balances supporting and resisting weight.


Only natural latex can withstand 10-15 years of use without ripping, tearing, or even degrading in quality.

Health Conscious

No toxic gases are produced during the manufacturing phase.


Natural latex is environmentally friendly with natural characteristics that result in a product that does not lead to allergies on the skin, it has no pungent plastic smell from chemical usage.

As latex is a natural substance from plants, it will naturally decompose when left in the environment complying with international environmental protection standards

Why does SOFLEX use Belgian natural latex?

SOFLEX imports our latex from a small Belgian based family run business that has been producing latex for 60 years. Their company with its development of bedding has made its mark as a world-class latex manufacturer.

The factory consciously selects high-quality latex from designated responsible plantations. The latex is the put through rigorous testing by the Swiss Textile Inspection Bureau (TSIB) to ensure it is free of toxins. Only after the latex has been approved is it then manufactured.

SGS Approved Cushions

The cushion composition used by our company was tested using a series of tests commissioned by the world renown SGS test group. The test piece was compressed to a distance of 50% it’s starting thickness of 129.6mm.

This compression was repeated 80,000 times. The thickness of the test piece the 80,000 compressions was measured at a difference of 3mm, 126.6 mm.

The purpose of the test was to assure our customers that any purchased SOFLEX sofa is guaranteed from deformation or sagging through extended use.